Replace Your Old Prayer Time Clock with Modern Masjid Digital Signage

Dual Connection : Online & Offline

15+ Prayer Time Calc. Method

10+ Athan & Iqamah Sound

Iqamah Screen with Countdown

Donation Screen with QR Code

Animated Image & Video Slider

Scheduled 30 Juz Quran Audio

Customizable Theme Design

Works Offline

Masajid Screen able to run in offline mode without connected to wifi signal. Internet connection only needed to update content or streaming video.

Universal Prayer Times

Prayer times calculated precisely in any location of the world with 15+ calculation method, like Ummul Qura', Muslim World League, Kemenag, etc.

Multiple Themes

Change Masajid Screen design to anything you want with our multiple themes feature. There are multiple interactive design you can choose and apply.

Athan Screen

Popup screen with athan alarm and a minute progress bar will appear when the prayer time has come to remind muadhin and worshippers.

Iqamah Screen

Popup screen with adjustable countdown to warn worshippers about salat ready to begin. Iqamah alarm will play automatically when countdown ends.

Shuruq Screen

Popup screen to warn worshippers when forbidden time for salat (shuruq) has begin for several minutes. The screen has countdown with adjustable time.

Custom Branding

Upload your own logo, insert your own Masjid name, put your own contact information and set your own color identity in a single click.

Adaptive Layout

Masajid Screen will automatically follow your TV screen size and optimize its content to every modern TV from any brand available on market.

Clear Readability

Each element of Masajid screen is specially designed to aim clear readibility for each element so it would be easy to see from afar.

Manual Correction

Prayer time can be adjusted manually to synchronize with local time. Each salat time can be added or subtracted easily from settings.

Adjustable Hijri Date

Sometime hijri date can be sooner or later based on the calculation of local Islamic court. You can adjust hijri date to equalize with local conditions.

Scheduled Murattal

Automatically play murattal from 114 surah before athan on particular prayer time. For example, you can schedule play Al Kahfi before athan maghrib.

Image Banner Slide

Show hadith quotes, Quran verses, event poster, Masjid activities, photo documentation, and any other images in Masajid Screen alongside with prayer time.

Info Slide

Show text-based information in table-list format with title and description each row. Info slide will displayed alternately in animated scroll design.

Jumbotron Slide

Show full screen image and video with Jumbotron Slide. The jumbotron will replace main screen and will hide when prayer time is near.

YouTube Video Slide

Insert YouTube video as a slide that will play automatically alongside with other type of slide. You can use it to play Masjid profile video or anything else.

Live Streaming Slide

Play live streaming video on the slide with this feature. Just insert live streaming url, like live streaming from Islamic TV or from Makkah Madinah channel.

Donation Slide

Engage worshippers to participate in donation program just by scan the QR Code. You can show qr code that linked to e-wallet easily from donation slide.

Customizable Design

Customize Masajid Screen design to anything you want. Change color scheme match to its Masjid brand, modify layout and change content just in a click.

Layout Rotation

Masjid Screen can be used in TV's landscape or potrait mode. Layout and content in Masajid Screen will automatically adapt the layout rotation.

RTL Layout

You can set layout direction to Left-To-Right (LTR) for any Non-Arab Country or Right-To-Left (RTL) for Arab Country to adapt arabic letters.

Jum'at Mode

If your Masjid holds Salat Jum'at then you can activate Jum'at Mode to disable iqamah countdown and replace it with image or video slider during sermon.


Translate each words in Masajid Screen easily with localization feature. Masajid Screen support latin and arabic for letters and numeric element.

Islamic Event

Show notification to remind worshippers about nearest Islamic event or Masjid event alongside with prayer time notification in Masajid Screen.

Running Text

Show important announcement about Masjid with running text that shows nicely in animated format at the bottom part of Masajid Screen.

Morning & Evening Dhikr

Play morning and evening dhikr audio after shubuh or asr in Masajid Screen. The dhikr audio will play automatically when you enable it.

Energy Saving Mode

You can enable energy saving mode in order to save electrical energy expenses. TV will automatically off and only on when it comes to prayer time.

WiFi & Ethernet

MasajidBox device able to connect to active internet connection through WiFi signal or ethernet cable that available in Masjid area.

Automatic Update

Masajid Screen will always gets automatic updates in a regular periode if there is any new feature available without manual setting first.

Customer Support

Our customer support team will help you if any technical or general support needed. Just contact us from live chat, email or WhatsApp.

3 Easy Step To Get Started Using Masajid Screen

Follow these steps to start using Masajid on your Masjid

1. Setup Masajid Screen

Get Masajid Account and login to Masajid Dashboard to setup your Masajid Screen, like set Masjid name, location, prayer time, etc.

2. Install Masajid App

Download and install Masajid Screen App to your Android Box or Smart TV device or simply just use MasajidBox device for easy plug-and-play solution.

3. Launch The App

Last step, launch Masajid Screen App from your device, insert your Masajid ID and now you have modern Masajid Digital Signage installed to your Masjid.